If you want to try CrossFit but are hesitant, our free intro session at AIO can help put your mind at ease. 

We pride ourselves on being more than just a place to work out.

At AIO, we’re a family, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you’re ready to experience what AIO is all about, then join us for a free intro session. 

In this blog post, we’ll take you through every step of what to expect during your intro session at AIO.

Our Free Intro Session Consists Of:

Phone Consultation

Prior to your scheduled appointment you’ll receive a call from the coach that you will be meeting with. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you might have or let us know if there are any special circumstances we should be aware of. 

We want to learn as much about you as possible so that we can tailor the session to your fitness level and needs.

Once You Arrive

When you arrive, we’ll be there at the door to welcome you. We’ll sit down with you and chat about your fitness background, any past injuries or limitations, and what you hope to accomplish at our gym. 

This is a great time for us to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions about our gym or the CrossFit program. We truly believe in building relationships with our members and want to ensure that you’re comfortable from the start.

Movement Assessment

We’re going to get you moving, so you better dress appropriately! It’s important to have you do a few movements so we can assess your mobility and stability. This helps us get a better understanding of your fitness level and any areas you might need to work on. 

But don’t worry! It’s nothing too intense, just a few simple exercises to get you moving. And remember, all exercises can be modified to meet anyone’s needs. You will be in good hands with our qualified and experienced coaches!

Tour the Gym

After a bit of moving, we’ll take you on a tour of our entire facility. We’re proud of our large space and want you to see everything we have to offer. 

We’ll show you around the strength and conditioning gym, turf area, CrossFit gym, mobility room, and even our men’s and women’s change rooms that include showers. We want you to feel at home in our space and see all the amenities available to you.

Discuss Membership Options

Before we let you go, we’ll sit down with you and discuss membership options. We want to make sure we’re giving you the best option to fit your budget, schedule, and fitness goals. 

We’re not looking for a quick sales pitch – we want you to be happy and confident in the choice you make. We truly believe in the benefits of CrossFit and want to share that with as many people as possible.

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Our free intro session at AIO CrossFit Gym is the perfect way to dip your toes into the fitness world if you’re new to CrossFit or working out. We want to build a community with our members and make sure that you feel like part of our family from the very start. 

The intro session is meant to give you a glimpse of what we’re all about and provide an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. 

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