All in One Services

Personal Training

Our personal training program takes place in a quiet, fully equipped, dedicated space reserved for one on one attention.  

Whether you are new to our type of training or are an avid CrossFitter, our competent coaches will program specifically to help you meet your goals –whether that’s weight loss, weight gain, increasing mobility, gaining strength or even improving your clean and jerks, your Fran time or some other skill. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, we will help you move well, get stronger, feel better  and live happier.

Our sessions are 60 minutes.  They will be challenging and enjoyable.  With your commitment and hard work, you will succeed here. 

Group Classes

A Workout for Everyone

We believe in functional fitness for everyone. The type of training that focuses on improving your body's strength, movement patterns and mobility in the gym, so that you are better doing whatever it is you love to do outside the gym. Whether that’s playing with your grandkids, keeping up with your partner, crossing a finish line or simply feeling confident about your overall health. Our friendly group classes will make you glad you joined us.

Whether you’re an early bird at the 6am class, or ending your workday with a workout – there’s a class available for you.

“I have been a member of AIO for a little over two months now and it has already changed my life! I was so scared the first day I walked into AIO…The AIO family welcomed me and made sure to spend a few extra moments helping me learn the many acronyms of CrossFit, the techniques for the various olympic lifts and helped scale and modify whatever I needed to.”


Let us customize your nutrition plan to attain your optimal health. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, performance, or general health and wellness, we will structure a program, based on your needs, to set you up for success.  You don’t need to weigh your food,  go about feeling deprived or begin counting your calories.  Instead, you need to understand the science behind good habits and commit to a few basic principles of clean eating.  We will take small steps and gradually get you to a place where nourishing yourself is a priority and a pleasure.

Our program will specifically show you how to measure progress, create a better relationship between you and your food choices, educate you on how to best fuel your body, create habits that will improve your sleep, energy and mood and most importantly, help you reach your goals in a realistic and sustainable way.  

Our state of the art  InBody Scanner is included with your nutrition program.  It will let you understand your body composition by providing an accurate and detailed report about your body’s physical fitness which we will use as a benchmark to help  keep you on track.

Body Composition Analysis

All of our memberships include regular InBody scans. Tracking your progress is key to understanding if you are on the right path, or if you need to adjust your approach to your training, diet and/or lifestyle. Why is and InBody scan so valuable? Did you know that your scale simply measures your mass and then divides it by gravity to show you your weight?  While this gives you some information about your body, it’s very limited and can be misleading.  This is because the scale doesn’t separately measure your fat or muscle mass.
Often with exercise you lose fat and gain muscle.  Since muscle is denser than fat, your body weight can sometimes increase as a result of exercise — which is a good thing because muscle density is important for maintaining a healthy body, especially as we age.
As such, two people at the same age, height and gender may share the exact same number on a scale.  But one might be imbalanced, weak and at risk of disease, while the other is super healthy.  What matters is looking at their body composition.
An InBody Scan accurately measures your body composition — the relative percentage of FAT, MUSCLE and WATER inside the body.  Understanding how much fat and muscle make up the body, and where it’s located, is a significant tool to tracking your overall health and creating a roadmap to getting healthier.  Is your upper body stronger than your lower body?  Do you have enough muscle to support the body?  Is your left side equal to your right side or are there imbalances? The scan only takes minutes and is 98% accurate.  We recommend you have an InBody Scan every 60 to 90 days to track your progress and to tailor what you should be focusing on at the gym.

Other Services

We’re more than a CrossFit Box
Athlete Programming

Get customized programming to take your training to the next level. Our coaches have trained many athletes, ranging from amateur to professional athletes in hockey, figure skating, endurance, martial arts, squash, swimming, track, triathlon, cycling and golf – they know what works.

Corporate Wellness

Teams that sweat together, work better together. Bring your team to AIO for a weekly workout, or invite one of our coaches to your office to talk about topics that interest your group, such as Nutrition, How to Boost Performance, How to Begin Your Fitness Journey and Stress Management. Call us to find out how we can help your team.