We have options for Beginners, Experienced CrossFitters, and Out-of-Towners

Beginners Welcome

We pride ourselves on making newcomers feel welcomed.  We know that walking into a gym is intimidating, especially a CrossFit gym!  That is why on your first visit, we will just get to know each other with a Free Introduction Session – a 30 minute chat and simple assessment to figure out if and how we can best help you.

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Rest assured that you do not need to be “in shape” to start with us.  We will improve your health no matter what condition you are in today by focusing on your diet, sleep, habits and movements.  

Read our Google Reviews and you’ll learn that our community is inclusive and friendly, our coaches are competent and accommodating and you will leave feeling confident that AIO is the right gym to help you attain your goals.   

We are humbled to be so loved by our community and known as Toronto’s beginners’ CrossFit gym!

Experienced CrossFitters

If you have trained at a registered CrossFit affiliate and are looking to join AIO, we would be happy to meet you!  We will discuss your fitness background and progress, any limitations we should be aware of, specific skills you’re looking to master and your overall training goals.

Simply book a Free Intro Session to learn about AIO, perform a baseline assessment, get a tour, meet our staff and help us determine which program would be best for you.

Book A Free Intro Session

Out of Towners

If you’re currently training at a registered CrossFit affiliate and would like to jump into our classes while you’re visiting Toronto, we would love to be your host gym!  

These options are only available for those living outside of the General Toronto Area. We offer a 30 Day Membership ($295) or a Class Drop In ($35).  

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Come See What We're All About

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