Techniques to Improve Recovery

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Our focus tends to always be on our workouts and pushing hard in them in order to improve. However, it’s important to remember that although our workouts provide the stimulus to improve, it is during our recovery that we actually improve. So just as we look to different methods to improve our workouts, we need to look at different methods to improve our recovery. By doing this, we can not only maximize our results, but also be better prepared to go hard in our next workout. Some techniques that you may want to consider are:

Stretching and Rolling

Training tends to cause most people to “tighten up”. So it’s necessary that we balance out with adequate stretching and rolling. This will not only help to reduce soreness, but will also improve performance by increasing mobility and allowing you to get into better positions when performing exercises. Don’t forget that we offer stretch and roll classes, where you’ll be guided by a trainer through a 45min routine. Otherwise, if you can’t make our classes, you can also look at purchasing a ROMWOD membership. This is a web-based static stretching based daily program designed to help you improve range of motion and recover from tough workouts. You can visit them at

Epsom Salt Baths

This type of salt contains magnesium, which is a very effective muscle relaxant. So when used in a warm bath, the theory is that your body absorbs the magnesium through the skin. From there, it makes its way to the muscles, where it causes them to release extra tension that may have come from your latest workout. This results in a reduction in soreness and will help you to move pain free faster, so that you’ll be ready for your next workout.

Contrast Baths/Showers

Elite athletes having been using this method for ages to improve recovery from hard workouts. Ideally, you want to have two baths available, where one would be as cold as you can handle and the other fairly warm. Try to spend about a minute in the warm bath, then switch over and spend as long as you can in the cold. You can keep going back and forth several times, but always finish in the cold bath. If you don’t have two baths available for this, you can accomplish a similar effect as this in the shower simply by turning the water from warm to cold.

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