Surviving Social Settings

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One of the most common obstacles people come to when they are trying to stay strict on a diet is how to deal with parties and other social events. Navigating your way through a party and leftovers after a party filled with decadent foods and delicious treats can be tough. Having a plan for this can help you to maintain all the great progress you’ve made since the start of your journey. So here are my top five tips to getting through a party with little to no regrets:

  1. Eat Healthy Ahead of Time

If you enter a room filled with treats when you’re hungry, you’ve just set yourself up for failure. If you’re going to a party and there aren’t going to be many healthy options available, eat a healthy meal before you leave your home. This way, you will have satisfied yourself with a good meal and you can enjoy the party with less temptations, while just grazing on the healthy options that are available.

  1. Find Healthy Treats

There are many healthy treats that we can enjoy that are suitable to a party setting. More and more products are coming out that taste delicious and have a much healthier ingredients list than what we’re used to seeing with our treats. Even better still, is to make some yourself! There are many tasty recipes on the internet these days for healthier versions of our favourite treats.

  1. Maintain Your Regular Sleep Schedule

With all the busyness of life going on around us, our sleep sometimes takes a back seat. When we are in sleep deficit, we crave carbs more and have a harder time resisting them. So in order to have the willpower to make healthy decisions, make sure that you get your sleep!

  1. Keep Getting in Your Workouts

After our sleep, workouts are the next thing to take a back seat when you’re busy, which you probably are if you’re hosting a party. Not only do your workouts help to keep your metabolism up, but they also help you stay motivated to eat healthy. One of the last things you want to do when you’re on a roll with your workouts is to make poor food choices. It’ll also help you to deal with tip #5.

  1. Splurge in Moderation

If it is a particularly important party, no matter what I write, there’s going to be some indulging. So just be smart about it. One cookie is much more manageable than 5. One slice of cake, is way better than a slice of cake, two cookies and a few glasses of wine.

I understand that part of a party is enjoying great food, however you’ve worked hard to get yourself where you’re at. So if do indulge, just don’t overindulge.

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