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By September 1, 2015 2 Comments

All in One Strength & Conditioning is having an open house on Saturday, September 12 & Sunday, September 13th from 9am-1pm.

Come on by to check out the newest CrossFit/Strength & Conditioning hybrid gym in the GTA.  We will be officially opening our doors to our members on the 14th for our first day of classes. The gym will be available for you on Saturday & Sunday to get in a workout or just play around with our many unique pieces of fitness equipment. Also, there will be a free draw to enter to win prizes and you can sign up for memberships. The first 25 to sign up will get 25% off their first membership.

Come and meet out team as we look forward to providing you the best level of customer service, stress-free, as we create a great community.

We look forward to meeting you!


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  • Tanpa says:

    Hi,I just discovered your blog and am fnidnig it very helpful! My husband and I have been doing paleo for about 3 months, but never really knew it until recently. We discovered that the way we had been eating had a name, paleo! Anyhow, so far we are doing an okay job. My husband is like 85-90% paleo and I would say I’m about 75%. I have a 2 month old daughter and am hesitant to change my lifestyle completely bc I’m breast feeding. Breast feeding has been going really well thankfully and I just don’t want anything to change that. Any suggestions? Or knowledge on this?

  • Carlo says:

    Hey Tanpa,

    Sorry for the very late reply. This comment got lost in our system. We’re super happy that you’ve found the blog helpful! Regarding your question, what changes would you be looking at making?

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