New Classes at AIO – FIT30 & CHILL30

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This class is designed as a high intensity class that will offer a wide variety of exercises for members to enjoy.  All done in thirty minutes!  This includes a warm-up and workout.

The classes will not incorporate complex technical movements found in Olympic lifting, and will focus more on building your stability and strength.  Some you would see in our CrossFit classes.  Others that you won’t.

The class can benefit many members in different ways:

  1. A good break from some of the more complex movements that are found in the CrossFit classes.
  2. Still a good choice for a high intensity class. You still have the flexibility to go at “your own pace” that may be more ideal for YOU that day.
  3. Ideal for beginners. If new to our gym, being more flexible with the classes you choose can help ease you into a more active lifestyle.  Results will happen, but your chance of overuse injuries will go down.
  4. Lastly, time. 30 minutes.  In and out.  Sometimes 32minutes, but we are working on that.

The classes are not designed for our members to use as a “warm-up” and then do a one hour CrossFit class.  Now, that is not to say you “shouldn’t do it.”  However, in some classes, we will be doing more focused core work that may tire a key muscle group more.  This can then put you in an unsafe position for the CrossFit class.

Now, of course, there are exceptions to this rule.  If you are looking to build more endurance for a CrossFit games event, or for a long-distance event that you are trying to complete.  Then it may be a good fit on some days.  Just be sure to make smart choices with your training and know why you are doing things and if they are helping you achieve your goals.

Health, happiness, over your lifetime is always good to keep in mind.


If you have time, stay after the FIT30 or after our CrossFit class, and join us for CHILL30.

We will begin with an active cool-down.  Then move to give specific stretches for the participants in that class.  Small group and personalized as best as we can.

The class is done very freestyle.  If you are feeling a stretch and we move onto the next one, feel free to stay in that stretch that may benefit you at that time.  The class is designed to get you IN line with your body.

We hope you take advantage of these new offerings, or help spread the word to your friends and family who may benefit from being a part of the AIO community.  These classes are a great way for them to start, and then slowly start incorporating our CrossFit classes when they feel ready.

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