Beach WOD 2017

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A few weeks ago, 6 teams participated in the 2017 Beach WOD, hosted by UG Series, in Collingwood from July 7-9, 2017.  It was an amazing atmosphere with hundreds of CrossFitters from all around Canada coming out to compete against one another in a fun filled weekend at Millennium Park.

I can’t begin to express how proud I am of everyone who put themselves out there to compete. It was exhilarating and a huge moment of pride for us to watch you all grind, fight and workout representing AIO and our community.  

There were many highlights over the 3 days. On Friday, we watched Coach Sarah McDowell-Miller compete as an Individual in the Masters division.  She crushed it; finishing 3rd place and earning a spot on the podium.  Watching her during the Burpee-Bar Muscle Up and Swim WOD was something to see.  She pushed the pace and took 2nd in the event for her best finish of the day.

On Saturday we watched 3 of our teams compete in the Rx and Semi-Pro Divisions.  Teams of 4 consisting of 2 men and 2 women were sent out into the battlefield to compete at 4 WODs varying in intensity, movements and skill sets. 

Swimming was a huge component added to this year’s event. It pushed everyone and took many of us outside our comfort zone.  Watching Coach Chris lead his team —in his bright red speedos, no less, was a sight to see! Gloria getting her pull-ups, Victoria mastering the KB Cleans and Mike dominating the swim made us proud to watch our athletes go out and compete for the first time. 

Watching Coach Tom and his team battle it out was also amazing to witness.  Some highlights for me was seeing them dominant WOD 2 (consisting of KB Cleans, KB Lunges and Sprints). They set one of the top times for the day for their division! 

For myself, I had the pleasure of competing with Coach Dave, Soleil and Lindsay in the Rx division.  Hitting my first pistol squat in competition was a huge milestone for me as it is a movement that I have struggled with ever since I started CrossFit.  Watching Dave and Soliel dominate the Bar Muscle-Up, Double Unders and Lindsay banging out 15 unbroken Handstand Push Ups was amazing to witness!!  Thank you Lindsey for caring me that day, lol.

Sunday Funday was very special. We got to witness two AIO teams come together for the first time and compete in the Amateur Division.  As a coach, I can’t express the feeling we get when we witness our members go outside of their comfort zone, look fear in the face and take on the WODs for the day. It is a dream of mine to one day compete on the same team with my daughters, and be on the competition floor with them. Magic Mike and Erica Di Mauro lived my dream that weekend. Watching them work together and compete in all 4 workouts was like looking in a crystal ball and filled me with pure joy. Accompanied by Susan and Paul, who made their team so dynamic and special.  I loved watching all four of them work together.  Especially, witnessing them coming together on the 2 minute max effort burpee. That will stay with me for sure. 

The other Amateur team was Juan, Jared, Mara and Claire— the Avengers, with their customized team shirts.  For me, this was the team with the most heart that weekend.  Watching them literally bleed, sweat and cry is what inspires me to keep moving forward in this industry, to keep pushing my limits as an athlete, and to continue coaching and bringing the best I can to members as a business owner. I want to personally thank these two amateur teams for raising the bar at AIO for all of us.

Special shout out to everyone’s favourite BeachWod Judge, Carl.  It is one thing to compete but it is another to volunteer your time and lend a hand to help run a great event in Collingwood.  Carl was a huge part of this event and a special thank you goes out to him for representing the AIO community so well. You made us all proud.

Well done CFAIO!!!!

Sarah Miller-Rx Master Individual

Fantastic Four- Jared, Juan, Mara, Claire

The Wodding Crashers- Mike D, Erica, Paul, Susan

Grips of Wrath-Dave, Soliel, Joe, Lindsay

AIO Thick & Juicy- Chris, Victoria, Gloria, Mike M

BacalhauandChips- Tom, Bruno, Ana, Sonia

A final remark.  Competitions for me aren’t about winning or losing. It’s about participating, competing and doing your best in a challenging unknowable environment.  It’s about going out in front of your peers and going after your fears and proving them wrong.  Congratulations to all the members, volunteers and AIO family who came out to support one another at this years UG series BeachWod.

See you next year!

Coach Joe

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